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How to Give Shahadah in 10 Minutes – Kamal el-Makki May 13, 2008

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By Kamal El-Mekki. The class is a five to six hour course. Since its inception, the course has gained massive popularity and success. It began as an effort to encourage and teach students at local area colleges to promote the teachings of Islam through their Muslim Student Associations. Today the program has blossomed into a highly effective and sought after method through which all brothers and sisters can pursue their duty of spreading the light of Islam through Dawah.

PowerPoint Presentation

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Giving Da’wah in the West – Kamal el-Makki May 1, 2008

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A Thousand Years Ago in Mauritania – Kamal el-Makki April 6, 2008

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By Kamal el-Mekki. This lecture briefly covers the dawah effort of Sheikh Abdullah ibn Yasin (Rahimullah), even though Salahudeen came after him the scholars call him the Salahudeen of Africa. Through Abdullah ibn Yasin, Allah unified kings and kingdoms and allowed Islam to prosper throughout North Africa.