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Poetry (VI) – The Forty Nawawi Hadiths August 1, 2008

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The Forty Nawawi Hadiths (The Matn)
by Ammar, Ameer Qabeelat Tayybah (NY)

1 Know that all actions are by intentions
2 And the deen was taught by angelic interventions
3 Islam is built on five pillars of might
4 And the angels in our mother’s wombs did write
5 The deen rejects all types of innovation
6 And the heart is the limbs temptation or salvation
7 The religion is based all on advice sincere
8 And the sanctity of a Muslims blood is severe
9 We don’t ask about that which is obscure
10 And Allah only accepts that which is pure

11 We leave things that are doubtful and suspect
12 And things that don’t concern us, we don’t inspect
13 And to love for you, what I would love for me
14 And blood to never be spilt, except for three
15 And to speak only good, if not, then refrain
16 Anger is from the heat of hell, avoid its flames
17 Everything is to be done in an excellent fashion
18 Fear Allah everywhere, treat people with compassion
19 Everything that happens is only by Allahs permission
20 Hayaa was forever written, as every prophets vision

21 Believe in Allah and be steadfast
22 Perform halal, avoid haram, pray, and fast
23 Purification is equal to one half of our Iman,
24 And oppression was forbidden to Allah and man,
25 Everyone has something they can give in charity
26 Even picking up litter, a selfless rarity
27 sin is what makes your heart feel resistance and unease
28 Upon us is the Sunnah, in times of difference and disease
29 The tongue is the most common catalyst to the fire
30 About those things kept silent, we should not inquire

31 Show indifference to the world, you shall be of the Zuhaad,
32 There’s no initiating harm, or reciprocating harm to add,
33 Evidence is to be brought forth by the accuser,
34 And who sees munkar, must be its remover
35 Be the servents of Allah, all together as brothers
36 Allah is in your service, so long as you are for each other
37 And every good deed Allah takes and multiplies
38 And He is for His awliya, their hearing, hands and eyes
39 He has forgiven us duress, mistakes and what we forget
40 We are strangers in this world, don’t settle just yet

41 Perfection occurs, when passions fall in line with the Divine
42 And Allah will forgive all sins, and He will not mind

Poetry (V) – Conceal Their Shame June 13, 2008

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لسانك لا تذكر به عورة امرئ *** فكلّـك عورات وللناس ألسـن

وعينك إن أبدت إليك معايباً *** فدعها وقل : يا عين للناس أعينُ

Let not your tongue mention the shame of another
For you yourself are covered in shame and all men have tongues.
If your eye falls upon the sins of your brother
Shield them and say: “O my eye! All men have eyes!”

Poetry (IV) – Increase in Forbearance June 9, 2008

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يخاطبني السفيه بكل قبح*** فاكره ان اكون له مجيبا

يزيد سفاهة فازيد حلما *** كعود زاده الاحراق طيبا

The fool talks to me in a foul way- and I would hate to respond to him
He increases in foolishness, and I increase in forbearance- like incense, the burning of which increases the good scent.

Poetry (III) – The Slanderer May 23, 2008

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من نمّ لك نمّ عليك,
ومن نقل اليك نقل عنك

Whoever slanders to you about others, will slander about you
And whoever reports to you, will soon report about you

– Imam al-Shafi’i

Poetry (II) – Pleasing People May 10, 2008

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ضحكت فقالوا ألا تحتشم = بكيت فقالوا ألا تبتسم

بسمت فقالوا يرائي بـها = عبست فقالوا بدا ما كتم

صمت فقالوا كليل اللسان = نطقت فقالوا كثير الكلم

حلمت فقالوا صنيع الجبان = ولو كان مقتدراً لانتـقم

بسلت فقالوا لطيشٍ به = وما كان مجترئاً لو حكم

يقولون شذ إذا قلت لا = وإمعة حين وافقتهم

فأيقنت أني مهما أرد = رضى الناس لابد أن أذم

I laughed and they said ‘Won’t you have some shame!’
I cried and they said ‘Won’t you smile?’

I smiled and they said ‘He only shows off!’
I frowned and they said, ‘What he hides has come out’

I was silent and they said ‘Incoherent’
I spoke and they said ‘He talks too much!’

I bore patience and they said ‘What a coward
And were he to have power he’d surely punish!’

I was brave and they said ‘He strikes with it
And were he to rule, he’d surely be reckless!’

They say ‘weird!’ when I disagree
And call me ‘opportunistic’ when I agree

So I became certain that whenever I wanted to please people,
I am to be criticized.


As they say: رضى الناس غاية لا تدرك – “pleasing people is an objective that can never be attained.”

Poetry – Imam Shafi’i & Imam Ahmad May 1, 2008

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قال الامام الشافعى رحمه الله
احب الصالحين ولست منهم
*** لعلي أن انال بهم شفاعة
واكره من تجارته المعاصي
*** وإن كنا سواء في البضاعة
فرد عليه الامام احمد رحمه الله
تحب الصالحين وانت منهم
*** ومنكم سوف يلقون الشفاعة
وتكره من تجارته المعاصي
*** وقانا الله من شر البضاعة

Imam ash-Shafi’i said:
I love the righteous, although I’m not of them
Perhaps I shall receive intercession through them
And I hate he who deals/trades in sins
Although we are equal in our trade/product

So Imam Ahmad responds:
You love the righteous and you are of them
And from you shall they receive intercession
And you hate he who trades in sin
And may Allah protect us from the evil of such product