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Why-Islam Da’wah Project: Billboard on Islam inside NYC Subways for $48 July 22, 2008

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877-Why-Islam launches
The Subway Project
      • Alhamdulillah, the 877-Why-Islam, an ICNA project, continues to reach out to our fellow citizens and fulfill our collective duty of dawah in an effective and creative manner.

In coordination with ICNA-NY,

we have signed a contract to display

70×11 inch billboard advertisements

in 1000 subway cars

during the blessed month of Ramadan (Sept. ’08).

140 Million Reasons to Support

Sponsor one today!

About 4.9 million people ride the subway system on a average day in NYC

These people come from all walks of life; rich and poor, artists and scientists, students and teachers
NYC is the only city in the USA where over half of all households do not own a car!
The Message of Islam will Insha Allah reach over 140 million people during one month, Insha Allah.
You Deserve To Know After researching several ideas for the advertisement campaign, we have created three designs that will appear in the interior of 1,000 of the NYC subway cars.

Sponsor One Subway Today!

The primary objective of the design is to arouse the curiosity of the passenger through the power of words.
You Deserve To Know! marketing campaign will Insha Allah shatter common myths and urge riders to explore Islam through authentic sources by calling toll-free hotline 877-Why-Islam or visiting popular website www.WhyIslam.org.


Yes, do your part and convey the Message of Islam to 140 million riders during Ramadan.

Sponsor one Subway Today!

Insha Allah, you can sponsor:

$5000 for 104 Subway Cars
$1000 21 Subway Cars
$480 for 10 Subway Cars
$48 for 1 Subway Car

Do NOT Delay!

Sponsor One Subway Today!

To reserve the best locations, we have already signed the contract. The payment is due in advance. So please do not delay your support.
Jazak Allah Khair for being part of this exciting project.


877-Why-Islam Team

Donate online at http://www.WhyIslam.org/donate
Send your tax-deductible donations to
PO Box 1054 , Piscataway , NJ 08855

Masjid Tawheed June Program – The Virtues and Characteristics of the Messenger of Allah June 5, 2008

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Masjid Al-Tawheed Presents:

Al-Shama’il AlMuhammadiyyah
The Virtues and Characteristics of the Messenger of Allah

by: Ammar AlShukry (Qabeelat Tayybah Ameer)


Mondays 9:00PM
Fridays: After Maghrib
June 7th-June 30th

First Session: Saturday, June 7th

Location: Masjid Al-Tawheed
984 West Side Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Live broadcast: www.altawheedjc.com

Course description:

Email: tahweedjerseycity@gmail.com

Secrets of Video Production – Free First Session | Message Mastery June 4, 2008

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Secrets of Video Production – Free First Session | Message Mastery

History of Islam in America: Whither and Where – Yasir Qadhi June 2, 2008

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Very interesting Yasir Qadhi lecture, which was given at the IlmFest 2008..

Message Mastery Starts Tomorrow (Sat, May 31st)! – First Webinar FREE! May 30, 2008

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Register Now!

Belal Khan writes:


Message Mastery is going to launch inshaAllah, on May 31st!
I’m super excited and you should be too. I want as many
QUALITY people to register as possible. Numbers are not
important to me, it’s the quality and dedication of those
who register that is important. It really does not matter
if you don’t have any experience in any area of media, so long
as you have the intention to learn and implement to the best
of your ability, you will benefit tremendously from this webinar.
So don’t delay in registering, you really wont regret it and
time is running out. Many people have registered and I don’t
want anyone who is interested to miss out on this rare opportunity,
as I will only be teaching this once.

Also, REMEMBER, the first day of the webinar is FREE for everyone
to attend. Tell all your friends and make sure you check it out.
If you are still unsure if this is for you or not go ahead and
take advantage of the free day — you won’t regret it, inshaAllah.
Also remember, if you register for the first webinar, you get into
ALL other classes for free under the Message Mastery system (media
writing, marketing/PR, social media networking and trends, etc)


You will be emailing you specific instruction on creating your
account within the next 48 hours. This will give you access to the
awesome back-end system. You will have access to the forums, future
exclusive videos, recordings, and more. So be sure to look for that
in the coming days before the launch of Message Mastery.

For those of you who are registered, I really can’t wait to work
with you guys. This is going to be a very close and like-minded
community that we are building and I can’t wait to see what you
guys can do — especially when it comes to the competitions that
will take place ;).

I ask you all to spread the word about the webinar and if you
have YouTube accounts or Facebook Accounts to go ahead and upload
this recent video:

(if you have trouble uploading it to youtube, just change the name
of the file before uploading)

Let me know if you have any questions and again, I look forward to
meeting you.

wassalamu alaikum,

Previous Presentations:

Drive your online video and dawah to heights like never before!

Three POWER Principles of Filmmaking

Register Now!

Summer Arabic Intensive – NY April 21, 2008

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Masjid Tawheed 4/11/08 – Waleed Basyouni (Jumu’ah Khutbah) April 9, 2008

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Inshallah, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni will be giving the Jumu’ah Khutbah @ Masjid Tawheed this Friday, April 11th.

April 11, 2008
1:00 p.m
Tawheed Islamic Center

984-990 West Side Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone: 201-432-1773

Rays of Faith: Aqeedah 103 (3 days left!) April 8, 2008

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Give your excuse a black eye!

|| | Rays of Faith| ||
Taught by Sh. Waleed Basyouni April 11-13 / 18-20

The mission of Jibreel

A visitor, His clothes, exceedingly white. His hair, exceedingly black. A traveler. A Stranger. (more…)

IlmFest 2008 – NY (5 days left!) March 24, 2008

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.:: | ENROLL NOW | ::.

Student Forums


Six Feet Deep – Fri, March 28 – Piscataway (MCMC) March 24, 2008

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This event is a night of remembrance – of what awaits us all after our deaths, the rights of the deceased, and the rituals of Janazah. Sh Waleed – Imam Raouf – Imam Chebli

Take benefit of five before five:
your youth before your old age,
your health before your sickness,
your wealth before your poverty,
your free-time before your preoccupation,
and your life before your death.”

1000 Hoes Lane Piscataway, NJ 08854
Maghrib @ Approx. 7:20PM