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501 Quotes from AlMaghrib Instructors February 26, 2009

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501 Quotes from AlMaghrib Instructors

“Spicy food helps make you a better person.” – Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Precious Provisions, QDurbah

Smile! Your teeth are not awrah. – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

“Allah won’t judge them [other Muslims] according to your knowledge. Allah will judge them by their own knowledge!” – Yasir Qadhi, Precious Provisions, QDurbah

“the Qur’an is like a treasure trapped in a glass receptacle; mankind can view and benefit from this treasure, but they are in need of tafseer, for tafseer acts like the key that unlocks the treasure, so that mankind can benefit from it to the greatest possible extent.” Yasir Qadhi

Waste no time debating what a good Muslim should be. Be one! — Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef

“Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. [Pause]…did I say it right?” – Dr. Waleed Basyouni, Rays of Faith, Qabeelat Mubeen (after class) ____

“Your life is either an example or a warning.”
– Muhammad al-Shareef (Breach of Covenant: Toronto Nov.2007)

“We know what kind of underwear Michel Jordan has on but we don’t know what the things Rasul Allah saaw used to do.” Sh.AbdulBary TPS tour Nuryan (talking about how much we know about cele. and not enough about Rasul Allah saaw)

“When one joins Almaghrib and joins a Qabeela, they join a family, a family of learning Islam together.” Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef

We should give Islam like the UPS guy, with a smile and without changing the package.
-AbdulBary Yahya The Shepherd’s Path

“Ask Allah to put you in a place where you can benefit and benefit others. Ask Him to make your situation better. Sometimes in your heart, you might not want to move to a particular place, but it might be better for you or for a greater good. Have trust in Allah and remember appearences are not everything.” -Sh. AbdulBary Yahya

“If a person’s intention is not pure then he will keep praising himself. When a person praises himself, it turns people off. Humility attracts people and ilm with pure niyyah teaches you to be humble.”–Sh. Waleed Basyouni

“If you do not study the past, you can not appreciate the present, and you can never contribute anything towards the future.” ~Yaser Birjas (January 23, ’09. Heavenly Hues)

Surah al-Qalam – Maher al-Mueaqly February 12, 2009

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A man who wishes he could make just one sajdah…


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The Day the shin will be uncovered and they are invited to prostration but the disbelievers will not be able, Their eyes humbled, humiliation will cover them. And they used to be invited to prostration while they were sound.

[al-Qalam 68: 42-43]