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Poetry – Imam Shafi’i & Imam Ahmad May 1, 2008

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قال الامام الشافعى رحمه الله
احب الصالحين ولست منهم
*** لعلي أن انال بهم شفاعة
واكره من تجارته المعاصي
*** وإن كنا سواء في البضاعة
فرد عليه الامام احمد رحمه الله
تحب الصالحين وانت منهم
*** ومنكم سوف يلقون الشفاعة
وتكره من تجارته المعاصي
*** وقانا الله من شر البضاعة

Imam ash-Shafi’i said:
I love the righteous, although I’m not of them
Perhaps I shall receive intercession through them
And I hate he who deals/trades in sins
Although we are equal in our trade/product

So Imam Ahmad responds:
You love the righteous and you are of them
And from you shall they receive intercession
And you hate he who trades in sin
And may Allah protect us from the evil of such product



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