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Message Mastery Starts Tomorrow (Sat, May 31st)! – First Webinar FREE! May 30, 2008

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Belal Khan writes:


Message Mastery is going to launch inshaAllah, on May 31st!
I’m super excited and you should be too. I want as many
QUALITY people to register as possible. Numbers are not
important to me, it’s the quality and dedication of those
who register that is important. It really does not matter
if you don’t have any experience in any area of media, so long
as you have the intention to learn and implement to the best
of your ability, you will benefit tremendously from this webinar.
So don’t delay in registering, you really wont regret it and
time is running out. Many people have registered and I don’t
want anyone who is interested to miss out on this rare opportunity,
as I will only be teaching this once.

Also, REMEMBER, the first day of the webinar is FREE for everyone
to attend. Tell all your friends and make sure you check it out.
If you are still unsure if this is for you or not go ahead and
take advantage of the free day — you won’t regret it, inshaAllah.
Also remember, if you register for the first webinar, you get into
ALL other classes for free under the Message Mastery system (media
writing, marketing/PR, social media networking and trends, etc)


You will be emailing you specific instruction on creating your
account within the next 48 hours. This will give you access to the
awesome back-end system. You will have access to the forums, future
exclusive videos, recordings, and more. So be sure to look for that
in the coming days before the launch of Message Mastery.

For those of you who are registered, I really can’t wait to work
with you guys. This is going to be a very close and like-minded
community that we are building and I can’t wait to see what you
guys can do — especially when it comes to the competitions that
will take place ;).

I ask you all to spread the word about the webinar and if you
have YouTube accounts or Facebook Accounts to go ahead and upload
this recent video:

(if you have trouble uploading it to youtube, just change the name
of the file before uploading)

Let me know if you have any questions and again, I look forward to
meeting you.

wassalamu alaikum,

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Three Wishes – Heart Softeners May 30, 2008

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More Heart Softeners @ altawheedjc.com

Surah al-Fajr – Nasir Qatami May 30, 2008

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Download mp3 | English Translation

No! When the earth has been leveled – pounded and crushed – : And your Lord has come and the angels, rank upon rank, And brought [within view], that Day, is Hell – that Day, man will remember, but what good to him will be the remembrance? He will say, “Oh, I wish I had sent ahead [some good] for my life.” So on that Day, none will punish [as severely] as His punishment, And none will bind [as severely] as His binding [of the evildoers].

[To the righteous it will be said], “O reassured soul, Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], And enter among My [righteous] servants
And enter My Paradise.”

Perfecting One’s Character May 30, 2008

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The Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam used to make a number of supplications related to good character.

“O Allah, guide me to good character, none guides to good character but You…” [Muslim]

“O Allah, I seek refuge in you from bad character, deeds and desires.” [at-Tirmidhee]

“O Allah, You perfectly created me, so perfect my character.” [Ahmad]

“O Allah, I seek refuge in you from disability and laziness; from cowardice and avarice; from decrepitude and harshness; from negligence and impoverishment, from lowness and humiliation. And I seek refuge in You from poverty and disbelief; from sinfulness, disunity and hypocrisy; from notability and riyaa’ (show off)…” [Ahmad, Maalik, Bazaar, Haithami and ibn `Abd al-Barr authenticated it.

The following beneficial excerpt is from “The Magnificent Journey” by ibn ul Qayyim [published by QSS]. It explains three conditions needed to acquire good manners, meaning proper nature, controlling one’s nafs and sound knowledge.

Three Conditions to Acquire Excellent Manners

This is one example of the excellent manners with which Allah (ta`aala) has equipped his Messenger (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam). He described him as,

“Verily, You [Muhammad] are on an exalted standard on character.” [68:4]

`Aa’ishah, radhiallaahu `anhu, described him as, “His character was just [a reflection of] the Qur’aan.” [Muslim, Aboo Daawood, Ahmad]

Such excellent character cannot be attained without three conditions:

1. The foundation must be good. If one has a rough and dry nature, it will be hard for him to submit to this [excellence of character] through knowledge, will, or practice. On the other hand, a mild and smooth nature will be ready and willing to receive the plowing and the seeds [to prepare it for character excellence].

2. The soul must be strong and capable of conquering calls of laziness, transgression, and desire. Those matters contradict perfection, and souls which cannot defeat them will always be defeated and conquered.

3. [One must possess] a discerning knowledge of the truth of matters, enabling one to put them in the rightful position, and to distinguish between flash and cancer – between glass and jewels.

If these three qualities are present in a man, and Allah’s facilitation helps him, then he will be among those whom the best (husnaa) has been decreed and for whom Allah’s care has been secured.


Why Do We Worship God? Journey of Worship – Yasir Qadhi May 23, 2008

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And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.
[Dhariyat: 56]

Yasir Qadhi’s Biography

Book recommended during lecture:

Riyad-us-Saliheen – Imam an-Nawawi

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The House of Khadijah


Classes Taught:

Light of Guidance: Fundamentals of Faith 101

Light Upon Light: Fundamentals of Faith 102

Route 114: Ulumul Qur’an

Poetry (III) – The Slanderer May 23, 2008

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من نمّ لك نمّ عليك,
ومن نقل اليك نقل عنك

Whoever slanders to you about others, will slander about you
And whoever reports to you, will soon report about you

– Imam al-Shafi’i

Surah az-Zumar – Yasir al-Filkawi May 23, 2008

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Yasir al-Filkawi | English Translation

The Importance of Balance – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni May 19, 2008

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Masjid Tawheed – Jumu’ah Khutbah 4/11/08

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni – Biography

Download mp3 @ altawheedjc.com

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The Virtues of the Companions and Pursuit of Knowledge

“The Zeal to Guide Vs. the Zeal to Judge” – ‘Ali at-Tamimi May 19, 2008

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From the lecture by ‘Ali at-Tamimi, titled ‘Intellection Confusion of the Muslim Youth’:

“The fourth cause which leads to intellectual confusion amongst the youth is the lack of zeal to order, to guide the people. In other words, instead of being zealous for the guidance of people, often, the youth were zealous for judging the people, zealous for passing out judgements: ‘Well, he’s astray, and he’s on the guidance, and he’s, well, he’s OK, but he’s not quite there, and this one is 10%, and this one, OK, he’s 13.2%,’ and so forth, and so on.

This is not the way of Allah’s Prophet. This is not the way of the Prophet’s Companions. Rather, they used to seek to guide the people, and Allah Said to the Prophet, in order to console him: {“…So, do not ruin yourself out of sadness for them…”} [Fatir; 8] See, the Prophet would be so sad when the people wouldn’t accept the message, it used to affect him physically. So, Allah Tells him: “Do not allow yourself to be in such a state, that you are almost losing yourself out of sadness because they are not guided.”

This is how the Prophet was.

Unfortunately, some of the youth take pleasure, they take glee; it’s almost as if it gives them some sort of energy, some sort of, you know, happiness that they can judge somebody, and say: ‘OK, you’re a person of bid’ah,’ ‘OK, he’s astray.’ But, if they knew what they were saying, and if they realized the seriousness of the word, first of all, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. And second of all, even if they were correct in their judgement, they should be taken with sadness, because if that man is astray – if that person is truly a person of heresy – then, he is facing a very deadly doom in the Hereafter, and one should be saddened in wanting to guide him, not happy to see him in that state.”


Surah Qaaf – Abu Bakr ash-Shatri May 19, 2008

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When the two receivers receive, seated on the right and on the left. Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record].