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Message Mastery – Early Bird Special (3 days left!) April 1, 2008

Posted by ibn1brahim in Da'wah, Islam.
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SubhanAllah! Initially, when I started advertising to help promote this program, I wasn’t fully aware how lacking Muslims are in this field. During Islam Awareness Week at NJIT, we were browsing through dawah videos to present in the campus center for about 5-6 hours and realized how great it is to have this skill in the community (and also developed much more respect for Khalid Yasin, hafidhahullah). Let’s help in this noble cause and pray for it’s success.

Please take the time to read what the Message Mastery Program has to offer (i.e., the nitty gritty details).

Check out the two preview clips:

1. Drive your online video and dawah to heights like never before!

2. Three POWER Principles of Filmmaking



1. A Yunus - April 9, 2008

Assalaamu alaikkum brother,

Sorry that this comment is not related to the post, but related to your work. One of the sister we know has given us a task of converting a bunch of video tapes to CDs. We dont have any TV /VCR / any device which can do the work. Could you please let me know like, if we have any such stores that would do this for a fee / any store which gives such gadgets in rental basis? Pls help in this case, cos the videos are Islamic lectures and the sister is a recent widow, Subhanallah. We insha Allah decide to finish this task at the earliest for her, insha ALlah.

2. ibn1brahim - April 9, 2008

wa alaykum asalam.

i’m sorry, but i wouldnt know where to find what you’re looking for. i’ll keep my eye out, and if anything comes, inshaAllah i’ll be sure to let you know.

3. ibn1brahim - April 14, 2008

brother Belal Khan suggested the following:

“I personally don’t know of any stores (they may want to hit up the yellow pages). The way I would go about converting video tapes to audio Cds is the following:

* record playback of videocassette from VCR to digital camcorder
* capture recorded video from camcorder to PC
* via editing program export audio from the captured video
* convert audio to MP3 or burn to a CD.”

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